The Word of God teaches us that life happens in seasons. (We’re looking at you, Ecclesiastes 3). So whether you are new to ROC or have been with us for some time, a regular part of your journey will be wondering and asking, “What is my best next step?” Our answer? GROW!

Join us at our next GROW meeting

Sunday, January 5 at 12:00 PM

GROW happens the first Sunday of each month immediately following service. It is a place for you to explore opportunities to become more involved in ROC ministry and discover what might be next for you in following Jesus Christ.

To keep you primed for growth, we rotate locations of our GROW meetings regularly and provide refreshments along with fun fellowship! When you join us at GROW, you will:

  • Connect with others
  • Hear the story and vision of ROC
  • Learn about the many opportunities available and how you can get more involved
  • Have the opportunity to ask as many or as few questions as you desire

Coffee Talk with Pastor Jon

Jesus before coffee always…but God is so good, He rarely makes us choose between the two.”


We believe in the importance of having a real and personal relationship with your pastor. A true pastor is a shepherd who leads the local flock, who provides watch care for your soul and who you can call to fight alongside you when you are facing a battle.

But building a solid pastor relationship isn’t something many of our visitors are familiar with. So we take the awkwardness out of starting that relationship with our Coffee Talks with pastor. Are you ready for this? We are about to go deep. Ok, here it goes:

  1. Ask Pastor to go out for coffee* one on one, or two on two (Mrs. Weiss likes coffee too).
  2. Drink coffee & talk to Pastor.
  3. Bask in the caffeine glow and the excitement of knowing you have made the first step in building a relationship with your Pastor

*Note: This really has nothing to do with coffee. Tea or water work equally well. Ok, not exactly equally…but you know what we mean.

For a great primer on building a relationship with your pastor, we recommend Dr. Mark T Barclay’s book, “How to Relate to Your Pastor”. Link to the Kindle e-book on Amazon below.