Our Story

Executive Pastor Jon Weiss

Raised from the dead at birth, miracles and wonders have followed Pastor Jon all this life.

For over 20 years, Pastor Jon has served in the local church ministering to teens, young adults, couples, families, kids, men, ministry leaders and pastors with his unique ability to connect with everyone from pastor’s kids to gang members.

At age 21, Jon led a small revival of young adults in Bartlett, IL based on the simple, profound revelation that God was real.  Out of that revival, he established the Lost & Found youth ministry at Faith World Outreach Church, reaching hundreds of young adults for Christ over the next 5 years. For the next 10 years, he continued to serve as associate pastor under Faith World Outreach Church (FWOC) and head of FWOC’s extensive missions program and local government & school board outreach. He established FWOC’s first security team and is an accomplished musician and songwriter, penning over 50 praise and worship songs. In 2013, Pastor Jon relocated to Kirkland, IL (near Rockford) to pastor Faith World Outreach Church – West.

He has preached and encouraged God’s people all over the world, including Mexico, Russia, Latvia and Germany, and continues to have a heart for missions work and the missionary.

In late October 2017, Jon and his wife Kristen moved their family across the country to Florida to plant Revelation Oaks Church in Wesley Chapel, FL.

Jon is ordained through Mark T. Barclay Ministries, based in Midland, MI.  He is a member of the Righteous Preachers Network and holds a degree in bible studies from Faith World Outreach’s School of Ministry.  He is also a graduate of Mark T. Barclay’s Supernatural Ministries Training Institute. He serves on the boards of Revelation Oaks Church in Wesley Chapel, FL (where he serves as President) and of Word of Faith church in Lamar, MO.

ROC Co-Founder & Vice President Kristen Weiss

Pastor Jon & Kristen Weiss

Kristen is the co-founder of Revelation Oaks Church and head of ROC’s Children’s Ministry.  She has served alongside Pastor Jon in the local church for the past 20 years in nearly every aspect of the ministry from administration to praise & worship to local community outreach. During their time at Faith World Outreach, Kristen built a drama/ dance ministry that drew thousands of visitors through its signature Live Nativity and Resurrection Day events.

As a marketing and communications executive with two decades of experience, Kristen has particular call to minister to the unique challenges faces today’s families and working women. Her travels have taken her to Ireland, Japan, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, England, Germany, Finland, Jamaica, Mexico and all over the U.S.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in public policy from University of Chicago and is a graduate of UL’s Global Leader Program, UL-Yale’s Executive Leadership Program and Mark T. Barclay’s Supernatural Ministries Training Institute.

She currently serves as Vice President on the board for Revelation Oaks Church in Wesley Chapel, FL and is an active member in the Tampa Bay Homeschooling community and a founding member of Wesley Chapel Zephyrhills K-12 Homeschool Co-op.

Jon & Kristen are the blessed parents of 4 children (Jonny, Eva, Noah & Sophia) who never stay still for too long, which is why there is a collage of photos below rather than a single family portrait.